Welcome at EWP Energy Solutions

At EWP Energy Solutions we discovered the idea to supply products to customers which is obviously no world news is. What is progressive about our concept is that we pick-up the used goods the same time we deliver a new order and reuse or recycle this goods. With only one displacement for deliver and pick-up we reduce the CO2 emissions from fossil fuels serious.

At reuse of the goods we wash and disinfect the goods upon arrival in the company and send them back to producer or filled our self again with our own product.

At recycling the products are processed into another product or pressed into a high-calorie pellet because a product make from a used diaper or other hygienic product is not that popular anymore.

For the diapers there is currently a test project that is unique worldwide and we can be proud of.

The purpose of EWP Energy is to let the customer think first before he buy, what the impact of these products is on the environment and if it can be reused or recycled. Therefore you will not find any products in our shop that contains Microbeads.

Our focus lay first on products that we can reuse and on the second place recycle.

Because of the big global warming of our earth the governments already drained Plan B. We must now begin with Plan C or Plan Critical.

The environment is our responsibility!

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